Amanda Marie Hussey
Postdoctoral Associate
BSc: University of the Sciences in Phildelphia
PhD: University of Massachusetts Amherst (James J. Chambers)
Research topic: Zinc signaling in neurons
Hobbies: Watching sports, running, cooking

Fang Wang
Postdoctoral Associate
BSc: Zhejiang University (Ping Lu and Jinbo Hu)
PhD: University of Southern California (G. K. Surya Prakash and George A. Olah)
Research topic: Zinc sensors and synthetic models of catalytic diiron center of sMMO
Hobbies: Photography, fencing (coached by Karl O. Christe), stamp collecting, hiking
Wen Zhou
Postdoctoral Associate
BSc: Jilin University
PhD: Brandeis University (Christine Thomas)
Postdoc I: Washington University 2013-2016 (Liviu Mirica)
Research topic: Pt-based anticancer drugs
Hobbies: Fishing, watching movies and sports